Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Flap It

A couple of weekends ago I went to this interactive play called Speakeasy Dollhouse. It's set during Prohibition, so everyone is encouraged to dress up in flapper styles. I didn't have anything that was perfect for the era, but I found a dress in my closet that I'd gotten during one of ModCloth's Stylish Surprise sales and never worn.

But in trying to figure out what to wear for this thing, as well as in trying to prepare a cosplay outfit for something a few months away, I started looking into plus size flapper clothes. The verdict: there aren't very many, especially if you have specific color needs. For my upcoming cosplay, I needed a white dress. Surprisingly, I found one on a Halloween costume website, but it's not exactly high quality. Unless you want to spend $400 on something, you're sort of stuck with cheapo party suppliers.

But I was browsing the Yours Clothing site earlier, not looking specifically for costumes, and I happened upon the fringed dress above. I'm sure someone who is better versed in historical styles could find some inaccuracies or anachronisms, but it's a pretty cute dress reminiscent of the flapper era. So I put it together in an outfit with some other pieces that reference the 1920s -- round toed shoes, pearls, a cloche, and a smaller purse (apparently clutches were all the rage, but that's not practical for everyday now). It may feel a little costumey, but if you swapped out the fishnets for opaque black tights and added a sweater or jacket, you could make it appropriate for regular wear.

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