Monday, November 24, 2014

Sometimes I Make Things: The Loki Hat

While this is primarily a style blog, I am an avid knitter, so I will be dedicating some occasional space to sharing knitting projects (finished or in-progress) that I'm proud of.

Today: the Loki hat

The pattern for this hat is an adaptation of the helmet that Loki wears in the Avengers comics and film. It's done in intarsia, which makes it impossible to knit a true in-the-round hat, but I used the yarnover method to be able to work in the round for everything except the colorwork.

(Wow, my hair was long.)

This was a relatively easy pattern, even though I'm normally not a fan of colorwork, and it appeals to my nerdy side without feeling like I'm walking around in costume all day. The only drawback is that it's basically my high school colors. I might have enjoyed high school more if there were attractive Asgardian gods hanging around.

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